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Pendleton Performance

Pendleton Performance was started by Jordan Pendleton after his college football career at Brigham Young University. Due to injuries Jordan had to forgo playing football professionally and decided to continue his passion for sports through mentoring and training athletes.

Jordan has worked with multiple NFL athletes and his dedication and attention to details make him an extremely effective and efficient strength and conditioning coach. He was named to the All American Strength and Conditioning team while at BYU and won BYU's Best Conditioned Athlete Award.

Jordan has multiple certifications as well as a degree in Exercise Sports Science.

When I’m in Utah, I make sure to get my training in with Jordan at Pendleton Performance. His programs and coaching style are as good as any I’ve experienced during my NFL carreer

Custom Diets

All of your nutrition targets are tailored to your specific goals and body. The nutrition requirements of gaining muscle, improving health, or optimizing athletic performance are all very different. Pendleton Performance has the training and experience necessary to help you reach your personal fitness goals.


Thousands may be good enough to play, but those that actually do, earn it first. You’ll earn it at Pendleton Performance

Workout Programs

Individually tailored workout programs to meet your individual goals. Whether you are looking to prepare yourself to compete professionally or looking to lose those few extra pounds Pendleton Performance can create an individual workout plan to meet your needs.


Jordan’s workouts are specifically tailored to what I need. Every athlete is different and he gives professional attention to strengthen your weaknesses. As a pro I need pro workouts, that is why I train with Jordan.


Pricing can vary depending on your individual situation.

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